Nicholle+Jacob in Destin


One of my all time favorite couples to work with, Nicholle and Jacob took me on a great adventure to Destin, Florida for their intimate beach wedding.  I had been thinking to myself just a week before hearing from Nicholle that I would love to shoot a wedding in Destin and then boom, there it was in my inbox! These two were an absolute joy to work with and gifted me this amazing custom camera strap after the wedding that has become one of my most prized possessions. I fell in love with them both after I asked them to tell each other why they love one another at their engagement session and Nicholle looked at Jacob and said, “I more than love you, I love you completely.” SO sweet. Thank you guys for including me on your special day!

“Jenna Noelle is our photographer and will be shooting our destination wedding come February 2016. When she did our engagement photos, we were blown away. Our ‘urban style-coffee date’ engagement shoot really came to life all because she really listened to us. She has an eye for this profession and we won’t go anywhere else for our photos in the future! Thank you Jenna, see you in February!” -Nicholle and Jacob

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