Destination, Mountain

Jamie and Delphin are such a cool couple! When they contacted me saying they wanted a non-traditional, no-frills engagement session and wedding I was fully on board. They asked if I would be open to traveling a bit for their engagement session, to Chaco Canyon in New Mexico, and camping out with them. Yes, please! This experience was all the more amazing because they are both archaeologists, and I am a major history lover! They answered all nine million of my questions, waited out an epic monsoon storm trapped in a car together, then made me tostadas while we camped in one of the most beautiful, and archaeologically significant, sites in the US. After this experience, I couldn’t wait for their wedding! They chose to get married at Fort Garland, a Civil War era military fort in southern Colorado. They exchanged bracelets custom made by an Anasazi jeweler and fired off a cannon in their ceremony, one officiated by a man in full period costume. Needless to say, it was a unique day!