About the Company

I specialize in documenting candid emotions. I believe it is all the little in between moments that show the depth of your relationships and the uniqueness of your day. You put so much thought and energy into your wedding, I believe you deserve to have someone photographing it who is paying the same attention to detail. I want these images to be honest, sincere, and authentic. They should evoke the feelings you were experiencing in that moment. Watch the video below to learn more about my business, creative process, vision, and to see more portfolio!

Reviews and Awards


About Me

I started photography as a hobby in high school before moving on to work in and monitor the campus darkroom in college. Soon after graduating from UC Boulder I took an internship with the highest grossing wedding photography company in New Mexico. After a couple years I moved back to Colorado and started freelancing and contracting for some of the top photographers in the state as a lead photographer. At this time I also took a job at Colorado Photographic Arts Center where I helped orchestrate gallery shows, in one of which an image of mine was curated as the headliner of the show by Adam Lerner (curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver). I also did some work both in front of and behind the camera with their students and established artists. I have participated and sold work in the bi-annual Denver Month of Photography event that boasts work from some of the greatest artists around the country. After years developing this strong background of experience, I decided to launch myself as my own brand. One of my goals outside of wedding photography is to travel the world to do more pro-bono work for nonprofits in developing countries. I recently was on assignment in Nepal documenting Global Orphan Prevention’s important work to fight sex trafficking. You can see those photos here if you’re curious!

My Mission

I aim to be the type of photographer I would want to have: someone who is organized and takes sincere, evocative, and potent images. Someone who is easy, assertive, and clear when direction is needed, yet as invisible and unobtrusive as possible at all other times. My work falls somewhere between photojournalistic and editorial. On one hand I focus on taking very intimate, documentary-style candids. On the other hand I really enjoy taking epic, sweeping photos that highlight the location and put the story into context. Something I bring to every image is a clean, professional, honest, intentional shot that captures the sincerity of your day.

What People Are Saying

“Jenna took our engagement and wedding photos. But she does more than just take photos. She captures remarkable moments that otherwise would disappear from our memories with time. She brings out and captures the personalities and emotions in a way the preserves what you felt that day. She makes you feel comfortable being who you are, and surfaces ideas that help show off your authentic selves and relationship. Jenna, thank you so very much for all you’ve done to preserve the memories and moments that we cherish so very much.” -Nick L.

“I LOVED working with Jenna! I cannot say enough good things about her. She is amazing – from her flexibility, to her personality, she is professional and takes amazing photos! She’s fun to work with, and made us laugh (which made for great photos), even though she was working on a broken foot in the freezing cold on top of a mountain! She is creative and willing to go the extra mile, in every way. She thought about everything, from that flyaway hair that can ruin a photo, to straightening my shirt when it got bunched up and I didn’t notice. And maybe most importantly, the photos were stunning! They have a touch that makes them stand out in a league of their own compared to other engagement/wedding photos. We were so happy with them. They not only showed us both in our best light, but they were also creative and beautifully shot/edited. The best!” – Chelsey R.

“Working with Jenna was one of the best decisions we made in the wedding planning process. She is professional, flexible, knowledgeable, and takes seriously amazing photos. Jenna made us feel totally comfortable throughout the wedding day and we couldn’t be more happy with the end result. Thank you, Jenna!” -Katie L.

Get to Know Me

I fancy myself what can be best described as an introverted extrovert. I would like to say I’m a Gryffindor, but I know in my heart I’m a Ravenclaw. My favorite color is green. My most recurring and horrifying nightmare is that I am notified of having missed a math credit in college and am required to go back to complete it. There’s nothing I hate more than math.  I drink all of the tea.  I am tea-powered at all times.

I attended college for Molecular Biology and Philosophy, both great interests of mine, and photography was more like an impassioned hobby that I never envisioned making me a dollar. I then went on to be a professional dog trainer/rehabilitator, and I continued to do that to pay the bills right up until I went full time with my photography. I still dabble from time to time, as I find it just really rewarding and therapeutic. I own pets and am a MAJOR animal lover. My hobbies and interests include drawing, playing piano, yoga, needle felting, and  stand up paddleboarding. People always ask me what I do in the winter, as it is definitely the off-season for photography, and I always have the same answer: I hibernate. Netflix marathons abound.  STILL want to know more?! Let’s meet for coffee 🙂 Get in touch!