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About the company
I specialize in documenting candid emotions. I believe that it is all the little in between moments that show the depth of your relationships and the uniqueness of your day.  My style is natural and gives you room to just be yourself.  I was formally trained in a more traditional style before cultivating a perspective of my own, and having had experience with both, I bring a lot of versatility to the table.  I take into account the style you intended when you picked your venue, details, flowers, etc, and I make sure that I bring that concept through in my images.  You put so much thought and energy into your wedding, I believe you at very least deserve to have someone photographing it who is paying as much attention to detail as you have. I want to make sure, when you look back at your images, you are seeing an honesty and authenticity shine through, because it is not enough for the images to be beautiful, they need to showcase your personality, style, and relationships. As “out there” as it sounds, I approach my photography like a spiritual biography.  I don’t care to just document, I want to capture the spirit of it, and in so doing be a storyteller.  I recently won “Best of Weddings” from The Knot both in the Colorado and New Orleans market, as well as “Couples’ Choice” from Wedding Wire!

JennaAndCats_150x150About Me
I started photography as a hobby in high school, shooting film and spending hours upon hours in the darkroom.  In college I studied philosophy and molecular biology while working in and monitoring the campus darkroom.  Soon after graduating from University of Colorado at Boulder I took an internship with the highest grossing wedding photography company in New Mexico.  After a couple years I moved back to Colorado and started freelancing and contracting for some of the top photographers in the state as a lead photographer. At this time I also took a job at Colorado Photographic Arts Center where I helped orchestrate gallery shows, in one of which an image of mine was curated as the headliner of the show by Adam Lerner (curator, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver). I also did some work both in front of and behind the camera with their students and established artists.  I have participated and sold work in the bi-annual Denver Month of Photography event that boasts work from some of the greatest artists in the country.  After years of working with and learning from dozens of photographers while doing personal private commissions on the side, I decided to launch myself as my own brand.  More of my work can be seen on my main site.  Get to know me more personally below!

My Mission I am always working for the image that defines your feelings at that very second, or the detail shot that looks like the one you circled in a magazine as inspiration for your own wedding.  I create a unique look to your images that is tailored just to you and your day, I’m never redundant!  But something I bring to every image, regardless of style,  is a clean, professional, honest, intentional shot that captures the sincerity of your day.   There are a lot of ways to shoot a wedding; the prevailing subjects of many photographers images are the dress, the venue, the details, the faces, etc.  What I do is different. I am there to capture the LOVE, the love of husband and wife, the love of family, and the importance of enduring friendships, and I find that the rest just follows.  It’s much easier for me to leave no rock unturned when documenting the details and your loved ones when I am seeing them as an extension of yourself and your relationships.  It is the difference between objectively good images that could be of anyone on any wedding day and subjective, substantive images where you, your love, and your personality are the subject.

What People Are Saying

denver-photographerI could spend a long time explaining how much I love Jenna, what a good time we had with her as our photographer and how incredible our photos turned out… but I’ll just say, she’s fantastic. You’d be making a great decision if you went with Jenna.

—Jacquelyn Oaster

colorado-photographerMy husband and I have hired Jenna for engagement pictures, wedding weekend, and boudoir and she has always done a fabulous job! I think that the key to a great photographer is someone who takes pictures in a way that is unobtrusive. Jenna does this very well! We were amazed by how they turned out! I loved that we ended up with really original pictures that just felt like us. Jenna Noelle Photography is the place to go!

—Melissa and Eric Baltz

denver-wedding-photographerJenna is a professional, creative, and enthusiastic photographer. She loves her job and it shows. I wouldn’t ask anyone else to capture those special moments, because every shot is unique and specially created for you.

—Amy Shamburg

denver-wedding-photographerI was nervous about getting photos taken. I mean, these are the memories I’ll have years from now. What if they aren’t what I wanted? Not only did she help me relax and enjoy the moment, the photos were absolutely amazing. She listened to everything I wanted and gave me even more than I had expected. Not only was she professional, but she was incredibly kind. I can’t recommend her enough!

—Gwyn Adams

denver-wedding-photographerMy wife and I had Jenna shoot our wedding this past August in Estes Park. She came recommended from a friend, and I’m glad we took his advice to work with her. Jenna was fantastic from beginning to end. I really have no complaints at all, and would hire her again in a heartbeat. She charged a fair price, worked hard, and made us feel very comfortable. Most importantly though, the photos she took are beautiful! We couldn’t be happier with the results.

—Linda and Mathew McConnell

Get to Know Me

Animal_LoverIt’s quite possible that I’m the biggest animal lover in the world.  During college and the beginning of my photography career, I rehabilitated and trained dogs professionally full time to pay the bills and purchase new equipment.  I’m constantly tempted to take on strays and troubled animals, but I am maxed out!  I have two dogs (an 8 year old rescued pitbull, Atreyu, and a 5 year old patterdale terrier, Alfie) and two cats that I initially only intended to foster but just couldn’t let go of or separate, they are brother and sister and they love each other!  You can call me a crazy cat lady, I won’t be offended. All my animals are best friends and my cats are constantly cuddling up with my dogs, in fact, when they were kittens, they used to try to nurse on a very confused but very tolerant Alfie!  My instagram account is almost solely dedicated to constant cute pictures of my animals, follow me @jennaheartspix!


The Menagerie: Tre, Alfie, Hobbes, and Chintzy


Frenchman Street Art Market

new-orleans-photographerMy favorite place in this country is New Orleans, which is why I am both a Denver and New Orleans wedding photographer.  I adore the art, the music, the architecture, the attitude, and THE FOOD!!!  I love shooting pictures beneath the  live oaks draped in Spanish moss, the streetcars, the gas-lantern-lit French quarter and the decadent garden district.

I am currently offering my services in both Denver and New Orleans, and am especially encouraging New Orleans clients to get in touch so I can spend more time there!

From the left from top left to right: Magazine Street columns, Audubon Park live oak, the Famous Mothers Restaurant on Poydras, inside the working streetcars, me stealing the trombone from the Treme band at DBA jazz bar, random hopscotch, the famous Spotted Cat, Canal Street, and perhaps the best feature of the town-the food!

colorado-wedding-photographerI’ve been playing piano since the age of ten.  It’s hard to stay on top of it because I haven’t owned a piano in a while, but fortunately I haven’t lost the muscle memory and really enjoy playing when I get the chance.  Oddly enough, the animals really enjoy the piano music as well and will gather around and listen to me practice!

This image was taken in the bathroom, oddly enough, of the famous New Orleans jazz bar The Spotted Cat, frequently featured on the HBO show Treme.  I highly recommend visiting, even though a good half of the keys on this piano don’t work!  Leave it to NOLA to put a piano in a bathroom.


Sandia Mountains

I’m from New Mexico, the “Land of Enchantment.” It has great food, intriguing culture, and amazing sunsets.  My trips back consist of  visiting family (I have an adorable niece and nephew), eating good food, drinking margaritas, purchasing cool turquoise jewelry and pottery, and soaking in the sun, because there are 300 days of sunshine there!  I got my start in the field of photography there so I have a soft spot for it, but I personally prefer to live places that are a little more lush!

Since it rains almost never, I took Alfie out and sat him on our backyard wall to document the rare event below! This much green just doesn’t happen there very often.


Well, that’s about as much as I can talk about myself!

I look forward to getting to know you, so please get in touch!

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